【FREE GIFT】Eneltet Global 1.2L Thermos (1pc)

【FREE GIFT】Eneltet Global 1.2L Thermos (1pc)


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Product: Eneltet Global ET-2871 1.2L Thermos

Model: ET-2871

⚠️Please beware these items are only PWP bought together with other products.⚠️

【1200ML 304 stainless steel Thermos pot】

304 stainless steel material 💖 high quality + food grade PP plastic

The Tashiro Thermos is actually a thermos bottle with a better thermal insulation effect. The “simmering” effect is used to simmer the food. The raw rice can be put into the simmering pot as soon as it is boiled in water, and it will become porridge in a few hours.

Tashiro Thermos can also be used for cooking eggs, making soup, drinking water, and drinking tea daily. At the same time, it can also be carried with you when traveling and exercising, which is convenient, environmentally friendly and energy-saving👍

【Keep Warm】

When the room temperature is 20°C, it is filled with water at 100°C, about 70°C for 6 hours, and about 56°C for 12 hours (a slight error is normal)

Vacuum multi-function stew pot

Long-lasting heat preservation and cold preservation, high-quality stainless steel liner, multi-purpose pot ❤️ Home essential (ML) suitable for 3~4 people

👉🏻24 hours keep warm & cold

👉🏻You can stew porridge, stew rice, stew soup, stuffy red bean paste, etc.

👉🏻 Lightweight and convenient, easy to carry

Children’s nutritious porridge is the same, you can use this stew pot~❤️ Save time and effort

The sultry function allows us to save more time and more electricity, especially suitable for office workers, just heat the soup in the morning and stuff it inside, and you don’t have to eat cold meals at noon😍 Simple and convenient👏

➡️Preheat the simmering pot first, the effect is better

❤️Pour 100-degree boiling water into it to transfer heat

❤️Whether braised rice/porridge should be cleaned and boiled in hot water for 5 minutes before pouring it in, cover the lid and open it for 2 hours

❤️If you want to stew soup, remember that the ribs and meat must be boiled for 15~20 minutes and shared.

❤️Red bean water

➡️It needs to soak in water for 8 hours, then boils for 45 minutes before pouring into the simmering pot, remember to cover all the lids

➡️If possible, don’t put it completely, otherwise, the simmering effect will be lost.

➡️Can be used for both cold and hot


Steps to use for Tashiro Thermos:

1. Loading: Put the ingredients and boiling water in a pot and bring to a boil
2. Preheating: Pour 100-degree boiling water to transfer heat inside
3. Filter water: filter out the boiling water
4. Stew: Then pour in the cooked ingredients and boiling water (above 95 degrees) about 90% full, tighten the lid to start simmering
5. Stand still: 2-5 hours to finish


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