Givher Botanical Beverage (3pcs)

Givher Botanical Beverage (3pcs)


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This item: Givher Botanical Beverage (3pcs)


Product information:

Product Brand: GIVHER

Product Code: GV-1001


Product Features:

💪🏻 清肠排出毒素 – 将体内积累已久的毒素排除体外

💪🏻 排除毒素降低体重 – 感受轻盈体态,配合运动饮食控制可以降低体重

💪🏻 解决失眠问题 – 调节多巴胺,减少焦虑问题

💪🏻 增强免疫力 – 足够的能量和营养,维持免疫系统正常运转

💪🏻 改善消化功能及便秘问题 – 调理肠胃,维持肠道菌群平衡

💪🏻 降三高,改善酸体质与内分泌失衡 – 高纤维具有降低三高,中和酸性体液及调节内分泌功能


💪🏻 Intestinal cleansing and detoxification – remove toxins accumulated in the body for a long time

💪🏻 Eliminate toxins and reduce weight – feel light, and exercise and diet control can reduce weight

💪🏻 Solve insomnia problems – regulate dopamine, reduce anxiety problems

💪🏻 Enhance immunity – enough energy and nutrients to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system

💪🏻 Improve digestive function and constipation problems – regulate the stomach and maintain the balance of intestinal flora

💪🏻 Reduce three highs, improve acidic body and endocrine imbalance – high fiber can reduce three highs, neutralize acidic body fluids and regulate endocrine function


植物纤维饮的主要成分 :桃子汁粉,蒟蒻,菊粉,果糖,柠檬酸,洋车前子,低聚异麦芽糖

Main ingredients of the fiber drink: Peach juice powder, konjac, inulin, fructose, citric acid, psyllium seed, and isomaltooligosaccharide


🌸 每天一袋
🌸 加入150毫升的温水当中
🌸 摇匀后就可饮用
🌸 三盒为一个疗程

🌸 One bag per day
🌸 Add to 150ml of lukewarm water
🌸 Shake well and drink
🌸 Three boxes are one course of treatment



📝It is best to drink before eating in the morning or before going to bed at night📝

Additional information

Flavor 口味 (1)

Peach, Berries

Flavor 口味 (2)

Peach, Berries

Flavor 口味 (3)

Peach, Berries


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