Givher Portable Juicer Mixer

Givher Portable Juicer Mixer


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Product Name: Portable Juicer Mixer

Product Brand: GIVHER

Product Model: GV-9470


Product Features:

1. Multifunctional :  It has the functions of milk bottles and juicer. A product has two functions, elegant and beautiful.

2. Strong power: load 15000 rpm/min speed, can quickly stir all kinds of fruits, juice, soy milk, milkshake, rice paste .

3. Small and convenient: the easy-to-carry silicone lifting ring design allows you to take the juice bottle to any place, sports, outing, outdoor, picnic.

4. With USB charging cable: It can be charged anytime and anywhere without worrying about any electricity, family, and travel needs.

5. Easy to clean: Our travel blender is easy to clean, just rinse it under water after use. (Warning: Do not immerse the main unit in water for a long time) Only wash your hands.

Healthy life, freshly squeezed juice is better

Healthy life with juice

You can also take it with you if you travel far to replenish energy at any time

Wireless and easy to carry, mobile charging, you can squeeze while walking

Freshly squeezed and ready to drink

300ml light drink cup capacity, the whole machine weighs about 250g, compact and portable

Just like a cup, you can go out and put it in your bag directly

Portable juice health cup, capacity 250ML


Simple to use, just double-click to open

It only takes 40 seconds for each stir

Built-in 1200MAH lithium battery, 2 hours fast charging, you can use 15-20 times

Separate cutter head for easy cleaning

304 stainless steel cutter head

There is a silicone cover on the charging place, and it is no problem to clean it directly~


If you want to take nutritious meal replacements as breakfast, you can have a cup of super satiety nutritious meal replacements in the morning, and drink while walking.

This one is made of fiberglass and is not easy to burst~ Very durable

Babies who don’t like to eat fruit directly can use this mini juicer directly to help you make a cup of delicious juice

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Weight1 kg

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