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Fabric composition: 90% nylon 10% spandex

Size: one size

Both men and women can wear ▹▹

Suitable weight: 40KG – 80KG

Suitable height: 150cm-180cm

Pants length: 85cm, can be stretched up to 170cm

Waist: 60cm, can be stretched up to 110cm

Hips: 63cm, can be stretched up to 132cm

Main functions: fat burning and shaping, abdominal tightening and hip lifting, drainage and firming, moisturizing and skin rejuvenation, deep repair, copper ion antibacterial

Product Features:


Burning and shaping Relieve leg pressure Reduce belly and lower belly Tighten leg fats Shape curves Abdomen and buttocks Beauty skincare Accelerate metabolism and eliminate cellulite


Super elastic, easy, and comfortable Washable – no lint and no fading Durable – breathable and perspiration Can be worn as tights for yoga, sports, weekdays, fashion, and self-cultivation

After the improvement, the effect becomes longer. Although long-term washing will also cause part of the microcapsules to be lost, it is recommended to wash with cold water and add a laundry mesh bag, which can be more durable.

Easy to wear: It is recommended to wear for at least 4 consecutive days, at least 8 hours a day.

Q&A 𝟏. Who developed the microcapsules in the LIGHTNING BLAZE LEGGING? What is its efficacy principle?

After 5 years of exploration and experimentation, the chief professor and scientific research team of Kexuanni, combined with the most advanced technology of Tanatex, developed the slimming microcapsule No. 1 with super slimming function and upgraded the X-shaped 3D capsule for the further improvement of the slimming capsule. The three-dimensional honeycomb weaving method can accommodate more microcapsules. When the skin and the fabric are contacted and rubbed to form a micro-massage wave to release the microcapsules, the effective slimming ingredients will penetrate into the fat layer to achieve the effect of rapid slimming. Tanatex is the world’s leading international chemical company. It has its own R&D centers and production bases in the Netherlands, Germany, Asia, and South America. It meets market demands with excellent product quality and continuous innovation technology while providing high-performance textiles with high-efficiency comprehensive system solutions.

𝟐. What are the microcapsule ingredients in LIGHTNING BLAZE LEGGING?

Hyaluronic Acid Extract (African Mango Seed Extract/Natural Polysaccharides and Peptides/Red Ball Ginger Extract/Seaweed Extract)

𝟑. The fabric of the LIGHTNING BLAZE LEGGING has fragrance, will it affect the human body?

The brand-new slimming therapy uses slimming ingredients and aromatic ingredients in microcapsules. When wearing, the microcapsules rub against the skin and rupture, exuding an elegant plant fragrance. Pure natural plant extracts make the skin more silky and soft to the touch, and can effectively lose weight. There is absolutely no chemical additives, and it will not have any effect on the human body. Please wear it with confidence!

𝟒. How long does it take to wear LIGHTNING BLAZE LEGGING to see the effect?

Will the microencapsulated ingredients be lost? It is recommended to wear it at least 5 consecutive days a week, at least 8 hours a day. After repeated washing about 50 times, the microcapsules in the fabric will be lost to 10%-15%, and they can be continued to be worn as ordinary pants. From the date of use, the best results are obtained within one year. It is recommended to use 2 products for replacement.

𝟓. Can it be worn during pregnancy? How soon can I wear it after giving birth?

It is not recommended to wear during pregnancy. If you have a natural birth, it is recommended that you wear it after lochia. In special circumstances, it is recommended that you consult your obstetrician first.

𝟔. How to wash and maintain the classic LIGHTNING BLAZE LEGGING?

It is recommended to wash by hand, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Wash and dry in a cool place. Do not expose to the sun, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, and do not iron. The product contains active ingredients, it is normal for it to appear emulsified or a small amount of powder when washing. All products use imported pure natural dyes. It is normal that slight color fading may occur if the washing method is improper.

KEEXUENNL 2021 latest version of lightning pants ⚡️S3

NO.1 Antibacterial upgrade 🔝

The R&D team of Kexuanni and Japan’s top antibacterial industry jointly conducted the first cooperative research, combining the antibacterial technology of chitosan with the fabric, which greatly improved the antibacterial and bacteriostatic ability of the fabric, and also has the effect of treating mild dermatitis. Chitosan can also be directly added to commercial products such as food, medicine, and apparel.

NO.2 Protection upgrade 🔝

Advanced memory fabric with a special weave can fully cushion the impact of muscles and joints, provide protection for sports and avoid muscle strain.

NO.3 High waist design🔝

Both inside and outside of the waist head are designed with double stitches to reinforce and wrap the fat around the waist, the waist is increased by 3CM, the meat is not curled, and the lower abdomen is flatter ✔️

NO.4 Fiber upgrade🔝

Ice fiber quickly absorbs moisture and perspiration, brings a breeze, and instantly cools you❄️

NO.5 Microcapsule upgrade🔝

Upgraded Tona microcapsules increased by 150%, and imported high-humidity hyaluronic acid essence was injected into it

NO.6 Weave upgrade🔝

The unique design of the hip lifts the hips with a smile line, lifts the hips and relaxes the muscles, and the hip line immediately rises 15 degrees when you put it on➿

NO.7 Fabric upgrade🔝

UPF50➕ is a stronger sunscreen, which can protect the skin from strong ultraviolet rays when exercising outdoors. Lightning Pants S2 is not only for slimming, please put away your sunscreen, this year your sunscreen is up to me❗️

With 200% super elasticity 😎Fiber is not easy to break ㊙️ Anti-pilling ✔️

40-80kg MM can easily wear out his body curve👏🏻 and get thinner and thinner🤩

If you want to lose weight, lose weight now❣️You decide your life and body shape😎

Toxins are discharged ✅ People are healthy 👍🏻 Beautiful skin 👍🏻 Sleep quality also improves 😊

Wear it to practice yoga, gym, and night running without any problem 👏🏻

☑️ Party wear ☑️ Travel wear ☑️ Shopping wear ☑️ Workwear ☑️ Sportswear ☑️ Sleepwear

Put on sleep pants and sleep for 8 hours↪️Burn 720 calories = run fast🏃1 hour

Put on sleep pants – do housework for 1 hour↪️Burn 1800 calories = run fast🏃2.5 hours 8 hours/day, 5 days/week

After wearing for 4 weeks, the following effects (✔✔ Slimming and slimming ✔ Shaping ✔ Accelerating fat burning ✔ Tightening waist ✔ Lightening orange peel ✔ Improving fat lines ✔ Firming fat ✔ Lifting buttocks

🌟 Cleaning method

☑️It is recommended to wash by hand, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, and avoid vigorous rubbing.

☑️ Do not bleach, do not iron, do not tumble dry.

☑️ Because the product contains essential ingredients, it is normal for slight foam or white powder to appear during cleaning. It can be dried normally, please use it with confidence

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