Tashiro Pressure Cooker

Tashiro Pressure Cooker


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Product Information:

▶ Product Name: Pressure Cooker

▶ Product Code: LG-0206

▶ Working pressure: High 70-80kPa, Low 40-50kPa

▶ Working Temperature: 115-118 C

▶ Power Voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz

▶ Capacity: 6L


Product Features:

📌 All-intelligent pressure cooker 🔥One pot is simple and easy to the handle

📌 The soup originally took 2 hours, but with this pressure cooker, it only takes 45 minutes😍

📌 If you want to cook red bean soup, just press slow cook twice, it is the function of bean

📌 To saute, just press SAUTE’s BUTTON

📌 Smart pressure cooker, already set, very convenient, and can adjust the timing

📌 The capacity can cook for 10-12 people

📌 After cooking, before opening the lid, remember to let off the gas before opening.

📌 Boiled pork trotter vinegar remember to use a non-stick inner pot~

📌 Fry, cook, stew, boil, and can keep warm automatically

📌 Use a pressure cooker to make soup in just 25 minutes

📌 A brand new pressure cooker that can fry and continue to operate even with the lid open ✅

📌 The inner pot is a non-stick pan🔥

📌 Included: steaming rack, rice measuring cup, clip, spoon 🎁️

📌 With up to 16 functions, baking cakes is no longer a problem

📌 Braised pig’s trotters, steamed, boiled, soup, rice, sauteed, fried rice, bean dessert, with it everything is possible👍

Are you afraid to do other things every time you worry about the soup being dry? <Pressure Cooker>😍With it, we can easily 👐Save time and effort💪

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