Malokuku Multifunction Blender

Malokuku Multifunction Blender


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Product Name: Multifunction Blender

Model: M-1471

Rated Power: 380W

Rated Voltage: 220-240V ~

Packaging Product: 3.2KG

Dimension After Packaging _ 50cm* 26cm* 16cm

Rotating Speed: 3200rpm

Frequency Product: 50-60Hz

Warranty Period: 1 Year



📌 1 Blender to us for variety usage (fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, etc.)

📌 High-power motor with variable speed control

📌 Easy and Fast Cleaning

📌 Multifunction with various accessories

📌 High Quality and Durable

📌 Lightly Portable

📌Ideal for Blending beverages for 2-4 people

📌 Wet and Dry Application



Brand new motor, with a fan underneath, can last for 30 minutes 💥

The fuselage is waterproof, but it is an electrical product. It is not recommended. It does not matter if it touches water a little. Safety is more important.

380watt ✅The horsepower is very powerful 💥

It’s not charging, it’s using a wire, 380watt

Very powerful horsepower 💥



The glass fiberglass is not so easy to break.

Fiberglass material, don’t worry about breaking it if you lose it 👍👍

A complete set ✔There are small cups, medium cups, large cups

Use a small cup for a small amount, a medium cup for a medium amount, and a large cup for a large amount



The knife can be disassembled and cleaned, and cleaning is also easy

Short knives are used to cut dry food, tall knives are used to cut wet food

A short knife is dry food (-)

Tall knives are for wet food (+)



Pepper seeds can also be broken together, no need to dig out the seeds separately

The chili sauce made with the TASHIRO TH-1471 MULTIFUNCTION BLENDER today is very smooth


——【Juice / Smoothie】——

Children like to drink smoothies, they can prepare their own at home 😍

Fans who bought it, remember to drink more juice ❤️ Improve your body’s immunity

The juice can be drunk directly, no need to pour out the cup

Make a smoothie in just 5 seconds 🔥


——【Grinding Powder】——

It only takes 30 seconds to grind the powder 😍The cinnamon is so hard, it can be quickly ground into powder



The slag separator does not need to be cleaned in use, it is very convenient to clean

You can make healthy soy milk at home, a whole set comes with a slag separator🔥



It’s easy to make flour kueh at home with just one click

Mee Kway Recipe

200g flour, 80ml water, 1 egg



It can be shredded and sliced ​​in seconds


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