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Product Information:

Product Name: Ionizer Shower

Product Brand: ONLINEKAKI


Product Features:

• Water treatment machine Type Pre-filter
• Diameter : 8cm
• 3 pattern water expenditure
• Use Shower Filtration
• Interface Diameter None
• Power (W)0W
• Type: Activated Carbon
• Material Quartz: Sand Layer
• 5 Stage Filtration: Yes
• Water Yield(Liter/Minute)0.5
• Showerhead can be re-opened when dirty
• Able to save the use of water in your home by 25-30 %


Ionizer Shower can help you make water smaller ✅ Suitable for any water heater

The water droplets from ordinary showers are very thick, and it is uncomfortable to hit the skin🔥

The spray that comes out outreaches the feeling of SPA✅

Filter the dregs in the water✅

The material of the POLY CARBONATED Ionizer Shower is glass fiber, which is not easy to break when dropped on the ground ✅

The water output can be adjusted according to everyone’s preferences ✅

Ions release oxygen in the water, making your bath healthier ✅

Can put seven-color flowers ✅ ginger slices ✅ jatropha ✅ lemon slices ✅

An ionizer Shower is a must-have at home for long-haired girls ✅

Small holes invisible to the naked eye make the water more concentrated and achieve the effect of a spa ✅

It can filter mud, chemicals, and odors in water. The skin is smooth and not rough

There are negative ion stones inside ✅


1. Effectively remove chlorine in water, reduce ORP of water, anti-oxidant exercise can prolong sleep, make skin smooth and elastic; shampoo makes hair smooth and bright, restores nature to make hair smooth and bright;
2. Negative ions, the central nervous system that the human body absorbs well, enhances the function of lung ventilation, promotes metabolism, and eliminates fatigue Infrared long-range, multiple small water groups,
3. National water groups for water application, transportation, and patrol, all members will cover the entire national range, and all members will be used to wash their hair, support, support, etc.
4, With antibacterial and deodorant functions.
5. For watering plants, flowers and plants grow lusher.

Negative ion spa effect:

Tourmaline particles can generate negative ions, fully activate and soften water, and achieve antibacterial and deodorizing functions. Studies have shown that the positive ions in the air are mostly mineral ions, nitrogen ions, etc., and the negative ions are mostly chloride ions and hydrated ions. After the negative ions in the air are inhaled into the human body, It can well regulate the excited state of the nervous center, improve the ventilation function of the lungs, promote metabolism, and have a certain effect on many diseases such as hypertension, asthma, influenza, insomnia, arthritis, So it is called “vitamin in the air”. Some experts also believe that air negative ions are related to longevity, calling it the “longevity factor”. Suitable for families, hotel rooms, beauty salons, bath centers, pet shops, etc.

Structure Description:

1 Nozzle body: It can adjust the water pressure through the conversion of the water flow section.
2 Nozzle sheet: tiny pores promote the release of negative ions, and at the same time achieve the effect of water-saving.
3 Handle: Load tourmaline particles.


1. Easy-to-clean nozzles are more durable
The blockage of the water outlet of the shower is often caused by the accumulation of impurities in the screen cover. After the shower is used for a long time, the scale will inevitably deposit. If it cannot be cleaned, some nozzle holes may be blocked. When the nozzle is blocked, the well-designed shower nozzles often protrude out, which is easy to clean, or the nozzles are made of silicone material, and the scale deposited on the nozzles can be wiped off with a rag or hand when cleaning. Some showers are also set to automatically remove scale, so you can ask more questions about this when purchasing a shower.

2. The coating valve core should be the same as the inside and outside.
The good valve core is made of ceramic with extremely high hardness, which is smooth and wear-resistant, and prevents leakage and leakage. Consumers must try to twist the switch by themselves. If the hand feel is poor, it is best not to buy this type of showerhead.

3. There are many shapes and different textures
The complete shower product includes a faucet (main body), lift rod, hose, hand shower, and overhead spray. We saw in the building materials supermarket that there are many types of showers, including simple hand showers, lift showers, and multi-functional shower products. The price is also between 200 yuan and several thousand yuan. Generally speaking, Hand showers are mostly used in temporary or simple bathrooms. Lifting rods and hand showers are the most common style in the market at present, and they are also popular among consumers. In the age of rich materials, people’s pursuit, shower The function and feel of the product also continuously meet and popularize the needs of users.

4. Length selection of telescopic lifting rod
Your height and the height of the bathroom ceiling determine the installation or suitable height of the shower. When buying the product, you need to consider whether the height of your bathroom ceiling is suitable for the height of the shower product. Most of the lift rods on the market are retractable. This makes it easy to adjust the height that suits you.

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