Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Tub Cleaner

Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Tub Cleaner


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Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Tub Cleaner


Product Information:

Product Name: Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Tub Cleaner

Product Brand: Online Kaki Mall


Product Features:

Sandokkaebi Washing Machine Cleaner helps remove unpleasant odor, removes fungus, kills germs, kills viruses from your washing machine

• Fights odor-causing residues effectively
• 4 in 1 – Clean, Disinfect, Sterilization and Stinky
• Kills germs up to 99.9%
• Easy to use
• Suitable for all types of Front or Top Loading Washing Machine
• Harmless to Washing Machine STANDARD DOSAGE 8 kg capacity washing machine every 450 grams or more. 8 kg or less, and side door washing machine every 225 grams.


1. Pour 60g-120g detergent with warm water on the bottom of the washing machine.
2. Add water (room temperature) to the high water level, and run a normal cycle for 5 min so that the product is fully dissolved. Best at temperature 40 to 50C
3. Turn off the power soaked up to 2-3 hours
4. Press the washing machine daily cleaning (wash, rinse and spin) (washing standard mode to avoid idling washing machine, can put a few pieces of cloth)


1. When using this product, do not put any clothing or other chlorine-based solvent and bleach together with the product.
2. Purpose of use other than cleaning the washing machine is prohibited.
3. Store the product in dark storage, dry place, and out of reach of children.
4. Please do not leave the solution in the washing machine longer than the recommended time.
5. In case of eye contact with the product, immediately flush your eyes thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.

⚠⚠Usage Upright Washing Machine⚠⚠
1. Press normal wash/tub clean
2. Put the water level at the highest
3. Fill with water and put the whole bag of washing machine powder
4. Press start, give him spin 5mins
5. After 5 mins press pause, soak for more than 2 hours
6. After 2 hours, press start to drain the water inside
ps: If you want to be cleaner, you can put an unused cloth
⚠️ Don’t put your clothes down to wash together⚠

⚠⚠Automatic pulsator washing machine⚠⚠
1. Pour this product into the washing machine tub
2. Add water (room temperature) to a high water level and run for about 5 minutes to fully dissolve the product. When the washing machine is seriously dirty, it is better to use warm water at 40 degrees Celsius
3. Turn off the power and soak for 2-3 hours. It is recommended to soak for 4 hours when washing for the first time or when the laundry tank is dirty.
4. Wash according to the standard mode of daily washing of the washing machine: (In order to avoid the idling of the washing machine, a few rags can be put in)


Do you know that there are actually a lot of bacteria and long bugs hidden in the inner tank of the laundry 😱

Genuine little monster washing machine powder from Korea😍

Itchy skin should not be underestimated 😱 Especially if you have children at home, you should pay more attention to the cleaning of the inner tank of the washing machine‼

Foam decomposition method 💥 Let the dirty things in the slits of the laundry sink all disintegrate


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Washing Machine Tub Cleaner 洗衣机粉

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