Supermalo High Pressure Water Jet

Supermalo High Pressure Water Jet


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Product information

Product Name: High-Pressure Water Jet

Product Brand: SUPERMALO

Product Model: S-3332

Product Warranty Period: 18 months (Motor only)

Product Rated Power: 1400W


Product Introduction

✅ Because it is a new machine, the motor has an oil protector, and the heat generated will have some smell

✅ After the motor is turned on, it will start to shoot water

✅ Horsepower is 120 bar

✅ Can be used together with disinfectant

✅ Using Malaysian Triangle Plug

✅ There is only one long water pipe

✅ Guaranteed for 18 months

✅ The installation is very simple, with video tutorials, you can get it from the little helper

✅ Connect directly to the hose to start using

✅ When using, remember that the plug does not touch the water, the other is fine

Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions28 × 35 × 42.5 cm


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