Super Micro Fiber

Super Micro Fiber


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Super Micro Fiber


Product Information:

Product Name: Super Micro Fiber

Product Code: SF-3602


Product Description:

Customers with high requirements must buy thickened thickened thickened Oh! Our retail price is more than double that of the market. Super cheap washing cloths can also be purchased at such a low price, and each of our towels has thousands of disposable items from customers! Received numerous praises! It is really worth buying.


Super Micro Fiber Bamboo fiber absorbent cloth
> Does not fade
> No hair removal
> Super absorbent
> Smear of oil can stick to cloth
> Easy to clean
> Glass cleaning is very easy to use
> Very fine bamboo fiber wiper will not be scratched

[Product color]: Brown, pink, purple, blue


Product Features:

1. Do not cleanse the eyelids without deep cleansing the skin, remove dead skin oils and cosmetics residues.

2. Clean the bowl without cleaning. Remove peach hair, vegetables, fruits, pesticide residues, etc. The cleaning effect is obvious.

3. The ground debris is cleaned as soon as it is wiped.

4. Just wipe the glass with a light touch of the window and the window.

5. Clean the TV and computer screen, with no static electricity. No dust in half a month.

6. Wipe the sheets to remove dust and mites, dandruff, and hair without secondary pollution

7. Clean water to wipe furniture, and wooden floors, such as polishing and waxing, no fog

8. Pet towels dry quickly in three minutes, no hairdryer is required

9. Rub white travel shoes, purse, as new as magical

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