100% SILICONE Kitchen Set

100% SILICONE Kitchen Set


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★ Features of silicone kitchen utensils:

✅ High temperature resistance: Applicable temperature range -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in microwave ovens and ovens
✅Easy to clean: The silicone products produced by silicone can be cleaned by rinsing with clean water after use, and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher
✅ Long life: The chemical properties of the silicone raw material are very stable, and the products made have a longer life than other materials
✅ Soft and comfortable: Thanks to the softness of the silicone material, the silicone kitchen utensils are comfortable to the touch, extremely flexible and not deformed
✅ Environmentally friendly and non-toxic: no toxic and harmful substances are produced from the entry of raw materials to the delivery of finished products

★ Maintenance of silicone kitchen utensils:
① Before the first use, the tableware should be washed thoroughly
② After each use, please wash it with a soft cloth and neutral detergent and keep it dry
③ Do not use high-strength cleaning tools such as wire brushes

😍Silicone kitchen utensils set for you, eleven kitchen utensils, frying, cooking and frying

❣️The average length of the silicone kitchen set is about 30cm

❣️Silicone kitchen utensils are pacifier food-grade high-quality silicone, products that give you real peace of mind

❣️The handle is made of beech wood, which is comfortable to hold, heat insulation and anti-scalding, and can be used safely by the elderly and children

❣️Food-grade silicone material, soft and care for your non-stick cookware

❣️Silicone kitchen utensils do not stick to food and will not waste food and ingredients

❣️Silicone kitchen utensils have good toughness, are not deformed when bent, and are soft and rigid without hurting the container

❣️Silicone kitchen utensils are all hole hanging design, easy to store and use

❣️Silicone kitchen utensils can be high temperature and heat resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, so you can use it with peace of mind

❣️Silicone kitchen utensils are safe and environmentally friendly, easy to clean


🔸 spoon
Deep spoon design can better scoop soup and stir

🔸 missed updates
Ideal for scooping food from soups or sauces

🔸Secret update
Ideal for scooping sauce mixes

Suitable for turning over food without scratching the pot

🔸 Leaky shovel
The hollowed-out spatula is convenient for frying eggs and frying fish.

🔸 scraper
Stir the batter, spread the cream jam, a good helper for making cake desserts

🔸Spaghetti Fish
You can also drain the water while dipping the noodles, the noodles are not easy to become lumpy

🔸 Salad spoon
Suitable for stirring vegetables and fruit salads

🔸 Oil brush
Soft bristles spread evenly Suitable for frying or baking

🔸Food clip
The serrated jaw is stable and labor-saving, and the wave pattern of the jaw is not easy to slip and fall

🔸Storage bucket
Easy to store, clean, safe and hygienic

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