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Tashiro Dehumidifier


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产品信息 Product Information:

▶ 产品名称 Product Name: 除湿机 Dehumidifier

▶ 产品品牌 Product Brand: TASHIRO

▶ 产品编号 Product Code: TH-1360

▶ 产品保家 Product Warranty Period: 12 Months

水箱容量 Water Tank Capacity: 2200ML

▶ 额定功率 Rated Power: 90W

▶ 额定电压 Rated Voltage: 220V

除湿量 Dehumidification Capacity: 60ML/H(湿度85%温度30℃); 60ML/H (Humidity 85% temperature 30℃)

适用面积 Suitable Area: 0 – 30㎡

包含功能 Include Function: 除湿/干衣/防霉; Dehumidification / Dry Clothes / To Prevent Mold


产品特点 Product Features:

📌 除湿功能有效保护家用电器、电脑、相机等设备免受潮气侵害。The dehumidification function effectively protects household appliances, computers, cameras, and other equipment from moisture damage.

📌 能有效快速烘干湿衣服,遇到潮湿天气,可启动除湿机,一晚上让湿衣服变干。It can effectively and quickly dry wet clothes, and when it comes to wet weather, it can start the dehumidifier to let wet clothes dry in one night.

📌 在雨季或潮湿的环境中,除湿机是帮你祛除湿气的好帮手。In the wet season or humid environment, the dehumidifier is to help you get rid of damp good assistance.

📌 可有效防止家居用品、食品、药品、书籍、霉菌。Can effectively prevent household items, food, medicines, books, and mold.

📌 有效降低室内湿度底,人体工学舒适,减少风湿病、关节炎、神经痛、支气管炎、哮喘等病痛的发生Effectively reduced at the end of the indoor humidity, ergonomically comfortable, reduce rheumatic disease, arthritis, neuralgia, bronchitis, asthma, and other ailments that occur

📌 为了能够有效减少霉菌等细菌的滋生,高湿度的环境是各种细菌快速滋生的温床。 如果湿度低于60%,有害细菌和微生物就会明显减少。To be able to effectively reduce mold and other bacteria breeding, a high-humidity environment is a breeding ground for various bacteria quickly. If the humidity is below 60%, harmful bacteria and microorganisms will be significantly reduced.

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