Tashiro Fruit And Vegetable Purifier

Tashiro Fruit And Vegetable Purifier


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🥬Fruit And Vegetable Purifier🥬


 Product information

Product Name:  Fruit And Vegetable Purifier

Product Brand: TASHIRO

Product Model: TH-1401

Rated Voltage: 220V~

Rated Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Power: 7W

Active Oxygen: 200mg/h

Capacity: 10L

Net Weight: 2.16Kg

Gross Weight: 3.1Kg


Features of the product

📌 Energy-saving: low energy consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection.
📌 Convenient: key operation is portable.
📌  Environmental protection: use water as the decomposition medium, no need to add chemical, substances, no secondary pollution.
📌  Portable: no need to stir or heat, completely decompose the detergent residues in the bottle or tableware.
📌  Beautiful: transparent window, engineering plastic shell.
📌  Professional: industrial-grade ic, stronger anti-interference ability
📌  Convenience: external manual drainage is more convenient
📌  High efficiency: active oxygen sterilization and disinfection, the effect is better


How the product works

The working principle of active oxygen sterilization:

Use the strongly oxidizing properties of active oxygen to destroy the chemical elements of organic pesticides, make them lose their medicinal properties And at the same time kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses on the surface. To achieve the purpose of disinfection and sterilization.

Additional information

Weight2.4 kg


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