Tashiro Electric Mini Soymilk Machine

Tashiro Electric Mini Soymilk Machine


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 ▶ Product Name: TASHIRO Electric Mini Soymilk Machine

 ▶ Product Brand: Tashiro

 ▶ Product Model: TH-1483

 ▶ Product Capacity: 350ML

 ▶ Rated Voltage: 220V

 ▶ Rated Frequency: 50Hz

 ▶ Rated Power: 1500W

 ▶ Packaging Size: 15.5 x 15.5 x 24.5cm


📌 360 stereo circulation heating technology so that the food is evenly heated, efficient heating, perfect control of delicious and nutritious
📌 Every bite is a flavorful and fragrant streamlined appearance, fashionable color, highlighting the taste, anti scalding handle design, and feel comfortable
📌 Can use for 2-3 people with 350m private capacity, 4 functions to meet daily, minimalist design with one key operation 4 functions are simple to operate too
📌 Can be freely combined and reasonably matched to make each meal more nutritious
📌 Food-grade stainless steel materials, excellent quality, durable, home-life-preferred products


MINI small and easy for travel  | Quick wall breaking tells filter-free| 4-fold vortex stirring to ensure that the mellow and delicate leaves no residue | Low noise is not disturbing | Appointment time

Fully automatic soy milk ■ 350ML capacity■ Delicate and filter-free ■ One machine is versatile ■ Reservation function ■ One-click cleaning ■


A machine multi-function can be cooked, exquisite design, quick wall breaking, hot and cold can be used, humanized anti-scalding, appointment time function

Additional information

Color 颜色

白色 White, 青色 Green

Set 配套

Set A (迷你豆浆机 Mini Soymilk Machine), Set B (迷你豆浆机 Mini Soymilk Machine+1pc ET-2871 焖烧壶 Thermos), Set C (迷你豆浆机 Mini Soymilk Machine+3pcs ET-2871 焖烧壶Thermos)


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