Tashiro Kitchen Range Hood

Tashiro Kitchen Range Hood


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🌬️Tashiro Kitchen Range Hood🌬️

Product information

▶Product Name: Kitchen Range Hood

▶Product Brand: TASHIRO

▶Product Model: TH-2505

▶Product Rated Voltage: 220V/240V~50HZ/60HZ

▶Lightning Power: 1.5WX2

▶Rated Power: 180W/188W

▶Ventilation Quality: 800m3/h*1020m3/h

▶Noise Level: ≤56dB

▶Product Warranty Period: 3 Years (Warranty only for Motor)

▶Product Appearance Dimensions: 900x430X530mm

▶Product Packaging Size: 955x465x505mm


Product Introduction

📌 Using European direct suction design stable and continuous strong suction.

📌 Two-speed frequency conversion suction 1020m3/h ventilation system.

📌 Stainless steel body ≤56dB bottom noise operation.


3 Major Advantages

  • Vigorous
  • Fast
  • Steady

Strong suction power peak period to move the wind pressure stable to say goodbye to the backflow of grease and smoke.


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