Tashiro Clog Remover Drain Cleaner

Tashiro Clog Remover Drain Cleaner


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Tashiro Clog Remover Drain Cleaner


Product Information:

Product Name: Clog Remover Drain Cleaner

Product Brand: TASHIRO

Product Code: TH-3645

Product Size : 380G


Product Features:

🔥10PC RM100🔥

A product that has the functions of removing odor from pipes, killing bacteria and parasites in pipes, and helping families clean the last sanitary corner ❤️

Putting it down will directly dissolve the dirt and slowly 🔥

Solve the problem of pipes being blocked for years 🔥

Just soak for 10 minutes to dissolve the blockage🔥

Toilet ✅ Shower Room ✅ Dishwasher ✅

Will not dissolve the water pipe, you can use it with confidence ✅

No more lingering odors, no more clogging🥰 Resolve years of troubles

It can still be soaked in cold water ✅

Duct dredging agents work just as well when exposed to cold water.
When encountering higher temperature water, a violent reaction will occur, and the dissolution ability and temperature will increase rapidly, so protective measures should be taken.


How to use:

1. Add appropriate normal temperature, if water has been clogged over the level, no additional water needed to add, remove the water beyone the pipe.

2. Pour approximate amount of this product (40G each time in the dish pool, 200G or more each time in the toilet and the main pipe) into the pipe, and flush with plenty of water (hot water is recommended for serious gambling) after five minutes until the pipe is clear.

3. It can be operated repeatedly or wait for several hours after undredging (this product has lasting efect on serious blockage, please wait patiently)

This product can quickly break down hair, leftover rice, oil, pet hair, human waste, soap, toilet paper, mop hair, and other blockages, rich in surfactant ingredients, low temperature and high foam strength dredge pipeline, quickly dissolve pipeline blockage, Clean and deodorize and eliminate mites (the daily maintenance pipeline is recommended to be better for half a bottle per week)! This product does not corrode cast iron, PVC plastic pipe! Please feel free to use. This product is not suitable for the dredging of aluminum pipes. Precautions When this product encounters high water temperature, it will react rapidly and resolve rapidly, but please pay attention to safety and prevent splashing. Because this product can continue to act on the blockage, please wait patiently after use!


Additional information

Weight1.75 kg
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1 Set (4pcs), 2 Set (8pcs Free 2pcs)


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