Tashiro Brush (Buy 10pcs Free 🎁1pc Soda Toothpaste)

Tashiro Brush (Buy 10pcs Free 🎁1pc Soda Toothpaste)


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Tashiro Brush


Product Information:

Product Name: Tashiro Brush

Product Brand: TASHIRO


Product Features:

➡️Toothbrush 4 into groups of 12000

➡️12,000 ultra-soft bristles, fine filaments, clean and free

➡️Dead corners, soft and fluffy feeling, care for gums and fine teeth

➡️The bristles are high-density and evenly wavy designed to fit between the teeth

➡️Independent protective box for travel Portable and comfortable grip that fits your fingers Traditional toothbrush bristles are too hard, with a small number of bristles, which cannot deep clean the mouth, causing dental problems!

➡️ 12000 bristles toothbrush is nearly 80 times the number of bristles of the ordinary toothbrush!

➡️Super soft and slender bristles are easy to penetrate deep into the mouth, soft and fluffy to care for the gums and teeth, the wave shape fits between the teeth, the thick and soft bristles do not hurt the gums, the bristles arc design, clean and hygienic dead corners, say goodbye to bleeding gums.

➡️Specially selected independent PVC protective box, convenient for travel


There are many oral problems

such as bad breath, toothache

Toothache is really painful

70% of our oral problems

It’s our daily teeth cleaning

To choose the right toothpaste

Choose the right toothbrush

We’ve probably all used hotel toothbrushes

Brushing your teeth is not as comfortable as your own home

Bleeding gums after brushing

The bristles are very soft

really good for teeth

Does not damage the gums and enamel, and avoids bleeding gums

Very friendly, does not irritate the gums

Sensitive teeth, pregnant women and children can be used

No matter how you use the brush, it will not deform

Ordinary toothbrushes are easily deformed

The force can be evenly applied when brushing

Don’t worry about compressing the tooth tissue

The bristles are not easy to fall off

No secondary damage to the oral cavity

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