Tashiro 28cm Flavor-Stone Frying Pan 🍳

Tashiro 28cm Flavor-Stone Frying Pan 🍳


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Product Information

Product Name: Flavor-Stone Frying Pan

Product Brand: Tashiro

Product Code: TH-P2486

Product Weight (Excluding Cover): 1.55kg


Product Introduction

How to season a new Pan:

First, clean the pan with dish detergent, wipe dry, apply a layer of oil, cover and let stand for a day

Can be used after cleaning the next day.


Wok with lid

Utilize the principle of sealed high pressure to make cooking more convenient

Maintain the camp and taste of food

The soup pot solves the disadvantage that the stone takes too long to heat up.

This new product makes the stone pot heat faster and more evenly.


▶️ Cookware made of pure natural stone
▶️ The pot does not contain any chemical coating
▶️ No need to worry about coating wear and eating into the body‼


1. The rock veneer is unique, the overall shape is beautiful, and it embellishes the kitchen
2. The design of the pot handle without rivets, the silicone edge protection pot cover, the exhaust, and drainage holes, and other details are very user-friendly;
3. The performance of the non-stick pan is very good, and there is no coating that will not release harmful substances and is scratch-resistant;
4. Long-term use can save a lot of edible oil consumption, save money and be healthier;
5. It is better to clean and take care of, and it is not as cumbersome to maintain as a cast iron pot;
6. One pot can be used for multiple purposes, and it can be solved in one pot, such as stewing, frying, and frying, saving time and worry.


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