Each packet of Herbal Foot Spa Powder contains 100 small packets.

🌿 Wormwood 🌺Saffron ✨ Ginger

Saffron can solve the problems of blood deficiency, irregular menstruation, qi and blood❣

Wormwood foot bath can also improve lung function♨️

The foot bath bucket can be folded up 👍 When not in use, it can be put away without hindrance

Fans who bought it, remember to soak it, it can help improve your physique

Each packet of Herbal Foot Spa Powder contains 100 small packets.
🔥One set contains 5 packs.

Saffron ❤️Enhance immune function, beauty and muscle
Wormwood ❤️ Can restore yang, regulate qi and blood, improve lung function
Ginger ❤️ Improve qi and blood, maintain liver, relieve fatigue

✔The effect of saffron is to treat irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, postpartum lochia, invigorate blood circulation, regulate mind and qi, enhance immune function, beautify muscles, adjust endocrine system, improve myocardial blood supply and oxygen supply

Pregnant women are not suitable for soaking saffron, only suitable for wormwood and ginger, and saffron can only be soaked after confinement

✔ Wormwood is warm in nature. It has the functions of restoring yang, regulating qi and blood, improving lung function, and is good for people with chronic bronchitis and easy coughing of white phlegm, diabetes and cancer and prevention.

✔The effect of ginger is to help improve qi and blood, maintain the liver, delay aging, relieve fatigue, and improve sleep

Foot cramping or foot paralysis is recommended to soak in saffron. The reason for foot cramping and paralysis is due to the lack of blood circulation.

The most suitable time for foot soaking with kidney disease is 7-9 pm every night✅

This is the time when the qi and blood of the kidney meridian are at their worst. At this time, foot bathing and massage can improve the blood circulation of the whole body and achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidney and liver. Precautions for foot soaking in patients with kidney disease.

The water for soaking should not be too hot, preferably around 40°C. This is because the water temperature is too high, the blood vessels of the feet are easily over-expanded, and the blood in the human body flows more to the lower limbs, which is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, brain, kidneys and other important organs; on the other hand, the water temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the skin of the feet The sebum film on the surface makes the stratum corneum dry and even chapped.

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