Micro Fiber Bath Towel 🔥4 PACKS + 1 PACKS🔥

Micro Fiber Bath Towel 🔥4 PACKS + 1 PACKS🔥


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Micro Fiber Bath Towel


Product Specification:

Product Name: Micro Fiber Bath Towel

Set weight: 0.37KG

Product set: towels and bath towels

Product material: high-density absorbent micro fiber towel

Product size: Towel : 35 x 75cm

Bath towel: 70 x 140cm


Product Features:

📌 Fast-drying

📌 With one soft and gentle pat, you’ll be much drier than if you were to use a cotton towel.

📌 Highly absorbent

📌 Bamboo fibers are great for taking the moisture out of anything, and this towel is able to soak a lot of water quickly.

📌 Anti-bacterial

📌 Bamboo fibers contain a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent that prevents bacteria from cultivating on it. That means you can use the same towels for days before having to wash it!

📌 Odor-resistant

📌 Bamboo is a hygienic and hypo-allergenic option due to its resistance to odor, mold, mildew and bacteria.

📌 Super soft and comfy

📌 Bamboo towels are fantastically soft, as well as extremely durable. These towels are extra resistant to piling and shrinkage.

📌 Eco-friendly

📌 Bamboo is 100% natural and biodegradable. Once you have no further use for a bamboo product, you can rest easy knowing that it will return to the Earth leaving minimal environmental impact!

📌 Hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin friendly

📌 These soft, absorbent towels are a great alternative if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to fabrics that are synthetic.



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